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Feb 13, 2019

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A Message From the Editor

The past couple days, I’ve been at the second ctrl ALT del conference in Arizona, put on by the Association of Legal Technologists. Ostensibly, this is a legal technology conference, but at times I’ve felt just as much like I’m in a psychology class. That’s a good thing by me, and it’s also by design—legal design, that is. A large portion of the conference program focused on design thinking, the process by which new ideas are generated through a five-step process that includes, among other things, “empathy”-style interviews and idea generation with heavy use of post-it notes. I’ll have more about the process in the coming days, but my initial thought is joy that new ways of thinking about problems are making their way to legal. Segmented, process-oriented thinking has shown results in a number of industries, and for what it’s worth, getting ideas from a number of stakeholders and working through them systematically will almost always function better than “Partner X said do this” because there's diversity of thought. I’ll be on the lookout for practical ways legal design thinking has been implemented, and I hope we'll follow up with articles on them in the future. But for now, here’s a few of my ALT takeaways, and more.

– Zach Warren, editor-in-chief, Legaltech News

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